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This website is designed to give informative guidance to potential and existing users wishing to conform to the new EU/UK requirements for supply and use of sheeting and matting with electrical safety and resistance characteristics, and make the correct choices from the explanations and details listed on the following pages.

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J P Polymer Sheetings Limited.....

January 2nd 2013, sees the effective introduction date of a new specification, which will be governing the future use of electrical resistance mattings and sheetings in the electro technical sector.  EU specification IEC 61111 2009 harmonizes standards used in all member countries.  As a result the BSI have withdrawn and made obsolete the UKs previous standard BS921 1976 with effect from 2nd January 2013 and endorsed the new one.


J P Polymer Sheetings Limited have invested heavily in developing and testing the new specification which is available in 5 different colour coded voltage resistant classes (see table at the bottom of the page.)


As a result of our development we now offer you two options per class :-


1)  Visi-Lec – a new innovative solution with a colour top wear layer and a black sub layer – designed to show when the surface has worn below acceptable levels.  The top layers can also double as a grade identification system i.e.:- Class 0 = Red, coinciding with the colour of the specification marking on the reverse side.









2)  Grade – solid Black.









Both grades carry the regulatory markings on the reverse every running metre.



Supplying Electrical Resistance Elastomeric Sheetings and Mattings to UK users for over 20 years.

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